PTA Reflections

How to Participate:


Individuals Register and Connect with Local PTAs

Students or parents interested in participating in the Reflections program should begin by connecting with their Local PTAs. 

PTAs Register and Follow State PTA Guidelines

PTAs looking to host a Reflections program should begin by reaching out to their State PTA. As Reflections is a state-run program, Local, District, Region and Council PTAs should implement the program based upon the specific forms, deadlines and guidelines which are required by their State PTA. Follow this link to Missouri PTA’s Reflections Program information.

State PTAs Register and Connect with National PTA

State PTA Reflections leaders should reach out to National PTA to become part of the State Reflections Network to support their Local, District, Region and Council PTAs through the Reflections programs. Student winners from the State PTA level have the opportunity to advance to the national level for recognition and awards.   

Learn More

The National PTA website contains more information on how to register and participate in this year's reflections program.