Membership Basics

Benefits of PTA Involvement

More than 30 years of research has proven that children do better when parents are involved both at home and at school. 

  • Grades are higher. Test scores rise. Self-esteem grows. Schools improve. 
  • Helps parents learn what is going on at school. 
  • Connection with teachers and administrators within your school. 
  • School building and grounds improvement, educational programs and social events. - Becoming a role model, showing the importance of education to your child. 
  • Membership also includes State and National PTA membership. 
  • Opportunity to put your skills and hobbies to good use for a great cause. 
  • A network to meet other parents, build rapport and discuss parenting issues. 
  • Resources on tips for helping your child with homework, preparing for parent teacher conferences and working with administrators and school district staff.  

Membership - Step by Step

Procedure Book and Plan Development – Start a procedure book if you did not get one from your predecessor. Review previous successes and failures. Meet with committee and outline your plans. Review your budget and plan accordingly.

Form a membership committee – Try to split membership recruitment into different jobs, one or two people concentrating on business memberships, another on signing up all your faculty members, another on individual memberships and someone else to input your online/computer records. Have a creative parent or student make membership posters to display at school.

Set your membership goal - Your goal should be based on the previous year’s totals and any changes in your school attendance. Be realistic, take the factors that directly affect your school into consideration when making your goal.

Create an Incentive program for Membership – work with local businesses or school administrators for in-school incentives

Select your Theme and/or campaign activities - Use the Missouri PTA theme “Unleash the Power of PTA!” or brainstorm with your committee on a great theme idea unique to your school. Use your theme consistently throughout the year so it becomes recognizable. Coordinate activities and events around your theme.

Create a Sign-up Form – Whether you use a membership envelope or a sign-up sheet, tie your sign-up form into your membership theme. Make sure to ask for name, address, phone number and email address on your form.

Plan a Membership Kick-off - You may want to set aside a Membership Drive Month in the fall or a kickoff week – just remember your membership drive will last all year. Getting off to a great start is essential. Involving your parents, faculty, and students will ensure that you meet or exceed your goals.

Get your Membership cards ready – Each card should include your unit’s membership number, PTA unit name, member’s name and expiration date. Consider using the online membership card print option in Just Between Friends or use the template MOPTA has provided on this website, to print out all of the above information except for the member name and they’ll be ready to give out immediately when someone turns in their sign-up sheet.

Be a Visible Presence at all Activities – Have a membership table at Back-to-School days, meetings, book fairs, sporting activities and other school events and parent/teacher conferences.

Keep your Recruitment Going – Write articles for newsletters and post flyers at school. Keep your membership goal and current membership number highlighted on your PTA bulletin board, website and at your membership table.

Membership Committee Responsibilities


  • Chairman of the Membership committee, oversee all membership campaign activities, keep an accurate record of PTA members and money collected.
  • Check with your treasurer and make sure dues are being sent into state office monthly with a Dues Remittance Form. Be sure that your membership number matches the number of dues your treasurer is mailing into the state office. National dues = $2.25 pp; State Dues = $2.00 pp; Business Dues = $5.50
  • Every member should receive a card. Cards are issued only to individual members, never to Mr. and Mrs. Person. For business memberships, the card will be issued in the business name. Additional cards may be ordered on the Dues Remittance Form. 
  • Maintain an official Membership Roster – Your President, Treasurer & Secretary should always have a current copy. It’s a good idea to be able to track faculty and student members (if PTSA) on your roster.
  • Report at meetings. Ask your president for a “Membership Minute” and keep your membership informed of your membership numbers, membership goal, incentives and benefits.
  • Watch for award deadlines. Fill out award applications or give the information needed to your Awards chairman. Make sure your PTA unit gets the recognition it deserves!
  • Keep the Membership Procedure book updated. Include what worked, what didn’t and recommendations for next year.
  • Have all materials ready to pass on to successor – Complete membership list, procedure book and files, training information received, copies of any articles in newsletters, emails, sign-up forms, invitation letters and any other communications.