Eight Steps to a Motion

 Only current PTA members are legally qualified to make motions, discuss, and vote. 

  1. Obtain the floor. Member rises and addresses the chair. "Madam/Mister President."  
  2. Assign the floor. The chair recognizes the member by nodding or stating their name.  
  3. Make the motion. "I move that..."  
  4. The motion is seconded. "I second the motion." If there is no second after the chair asks for one, the chair says, "Motion fails for lack of a second."  
  5. Chair states the motion. "It has been moved and seconded that..."  
  6. Debate or discussion. "Is there any discussion?"  
  7. Vote. "All in favor say 'aye.’" "All those opposed say 'nay.’"  
  8. Chair announces result. "The 'ayes' have it and the motion is carried, and we will..." or “The 'nays' have it and the motion is lost."