Food 4 Thought

What is Food 4 Thought?


According to the 2013 Missouri Hunger Atlas, there has been a general increase in the amount of "food insecure" Missourians. Food insecure describes people who must reduce food intake and/or skip meals due to limited financial resources. Studies show students who lack food have a harder time focusing and learning. 

In 2014 the Hazelwood PTA Council, Hazelwood National Education Association (HNEA), and the Hazelwood School District partnered to organize Food 4 Thought. Food 4 Though is an operating food closet for students who are in need. The closet provides students who lack access to nutritious food at home with a reliable source of food for evenings, weekends, and other breaks from school.

The Food 4 Though closets are housed at four HSD high school sites: Hazelwood East, Hazelwood Central, Hazelwood West, and the Opportunity Center, but are used to support all HSD students who are in need. Non-perishable food items are used to stock the closets. Because the closet operate 100% on donations, continued support from the entire community is needed.


Food 4 Thought Needs Your Help!


Volunteers are needed to:

Develop Fundraising Ideas

Host Food Drives

Solicit Food and Monetary Donations

Shop for Food Closets

Organize the Four Food Closets (Central, East, Opportunity Center, and West)

To Volunteer or for More Information Contact Margaret Slaughter at (314-368-8195) or by email at