PTA Council: Purpose and Mission Statement

Hazelwood PTA Council


  • To promote communication and cooperation among its member units,
  • To inform, instruct and inspire local units,
  • To respond to local unit needs,
  • To provide programs and projects of community-wide interest and concern,
  • To provide basic leadership training and information,
  • To keep informed on PTA issues and disseminate information from Missouri PTA, National PTA, and from its regional team,
  • To provide conferences and workshops and urge participation of member units,
  • To build and maintain contacts with school administrators, school board members, and other civic leaders to provide quality education for all children and youth



To support our learners, educators, and communities, by promoting the welfare of our children through education achievements, community involvement, and providing high standards of excellence.

PTA: Purpose, Mission, and Vision

Hazelwood PTA Council
HSD Opportunity Center
1865 Dunn Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63138